One Poster a day...
During the years in which I collaborated directly with the Orquestra Clássica da Madeira (OCM), I produced hundreds of posters, of which, I present some copies below, produced by concert, could follow in three typologies: chamber music concerts, concerts of tutti and concerts for special occasions.
In tutti concerts or for special occasions, the photos were usually provided by the invited artists, conductors or soloists, on occasional occasions I also produced the photographs, as I already did for the posters referring to the Chamber Music concerts made up of smaller groups of OCM musicians.
For each tutti concert, two posters were produced, one with a photo of the guest conductor and another with a photo of the soloist.

Skills: Adobe LightRoom / Adobe Photoshop / Adobe illustrator

All the Designed Posters were printed by me in an medium format HP plotter.

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